Places to See

When you stay at Riverside Campsite you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to places to see. The Yorkshire Dales are on our doorstep. 

Riverside Saltaire

Saltaire is just a few stations down the line from your base at Riverside Campsite, with trains running every quarter hour. A UNESCO World Heritage site this unique village is a must see! Built by Sir Titus Salt in the mid 19th century to provide housing and other amenities for his 3000 workers, Saltaire village stands proudly alongside his (then) revolutionary textile mill. See what Yorkshire Visitors Guide has to say about Saltaire

Riverside Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is almost on our doorstep – well, only a few miles drive anyway! Established in 1154 by Augustinian friars on sheltered land beside the River Wharfe between Ilkley and Burnsall , Bolton Abbey offers tranquil walks amid beautiful Yorkshire scenery. Read a bit about Bolton Abbey. Scroll down for a video slideshow of Bolton Abbey and the Strid Woods Walk.

Riverside Haworth


Haworth and The Brontes The old homes and shops of Haworth are solidly built of local stone. Tall and very skinny, clinging as they do to the steep valley side, overlooking the River Worth. Enjoy a stroll among them as you walk the narrow, steep, cobblestone streets – once trodden by the Bronte sisters… The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is perhaps best known as the setting and location for the delightful 1970s film The Railway Children. What does Yorkshire Visitors Guide Have to say about Haworth

Riverside Skipton


Skipton has for many centuries been a lively, bustling, country market town. As true today as it ever was! Crammed with shops and friendly restaurants. Quaint pubs both lively and peaceful and don’t miss the street market lining the main street four days of the week

This video shows some lovely views of Bolton Abbey and the Strid Woods Walk. It was put together by Les Hutton Photography at where you will find, not only the photos in the video, but more images of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales.